Easy up, turn, and transfer.

The Van-Turn increases self-confidence in residents who are able to use their own ability, which results in both psychological and physiological advantages to everyone involved. The resident’s rehabilitation will improve their quality of life, while bringing a safer work environment for the caregiver.

The Van-Turn’s base plate is extremely stable, with an ultra low step-up height that eliminates the need for residents to lift their feet very high. The foot markers on the base make foot placement safe, simple and secure. Once the patient is standing, the patented steering wheels provide super smooth transfers as the caregiver easily maneuvers in tight spaces where sit-to-stand lifts become awkward.

Less agile residents can safely be assisted with the addition of the Van-Turn assist belt with handles. This easy-to-use accessory allows the resident to be safely brought to a standing position, pivoted, and then securely transferred with ease. The belt can also be used for standing, transfer support, and gait-training. Van-Turn Belts are available in small, medium and large sizes, and have sturdy handles for ergonomic staff assist.

The Van-Turn is value priced with almost no maintenance – no batteries to charge, no electronics to fail and no hand controls to break. The small size presents minimal storage problems.

  • Van-Turn allows the resident to rise to a standing position using natural movements, utilizing the resident’s own strength and capacity. This makes the Van-Turn ideal for both home care and institutional settings.
  • The lower leg supports are height adjustable to accommodate almost any patient weighing less than 330 pounds. The Van-Turn is lightweight, and can be disassembled into two sections for easy transport, cleaning and storage.
  • The Van-Turn is ideal for making transfers in and out of automobiles for those needing assistance. This will minimize potential accidents for all concerned. When used with the AutoSlide or the TurnTable Soft pivoting in the seat is exceptionally easy.