The P440/600 is innovative, functional, and powerful, all with the smallest unit weight in the market of just 10.5 lbs! It has a full set of standard features and can be operated by a single caregiver. It’s designed to be light and easy to hold. A built-in fold away carrying handle allows the caregiver to easily carry the unit. It offers a wide range of safety mechanisms, which include: an over-speed governor, built-in safety limits, slack strap sensor, and emergency lowering. The integrated hanger assembly folds up when not in use, and features positive locking latches; securing the sling after applying the straps. A pneumatic hand control allows for worry free usage, even in a wet environment. It is complemented by built-in control buttons on the body of the unit. The P440 has a weight capacity of 440 lbs. The P600 has a 600 lbs. weight capacity.