Safe patient handling is something that every healthcare provider needs to be aware of, the consequences of work-related injuries among nurses are substantial. Along with higher employer costs due to medical expenses, disability compensation, and litigation, nurse injuries also are costly in terms of chronic pain and functional disability, absenteeism, and turnover. As many as 20% of nurses who leave direct patient care positions do so because of risks associated with the work. In addition, healthcare employees, who experience pain and fatigue, may be less productive, less attentive, more susceptible to further injury, and may be more likely to affect the health and safety of others. Lifecare Associates will help with reducing injuries, that not only helps workers, but also will improve patient care and the bottom line.

Mobile Lifts

Floor lifts are the front line soldiers in the war against musculoskeletal injuries. Every healthcare facility has them, every healthcare facility needs to depend on them. At Vancare, dependability is a way of life.