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Mobile Lifts

Floor lifts are the front line soldiers in the war against musculoskeletal injuries. Every healthcare facility has them, every healthcare facility needs to depend on them. At Vancare, dependability is a way of life. These lifts are made with pride everyday, every week, every year in Aurora, Nebraska for over 20 years. You can count on a Vancare lift!

Full Body Lifts

Includes the Vanderlift 450, Vanderlift 600, Vanderlift 1000, Vanderlift II B450, Vanderlift II B600, VanGo VG400, VanGo VG450, and VanGo VG600.

Sit To Stand

Includes the Vera V350, Vera V600, Vera V800, Vera II B350, B450, and Vera II B600.