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The 1st Wandering Resident Security Solution.

Door GUARDIAN™ by Secure Care was the first wandering resident safety solution of its kind. It is a trusted solution worldwide for the enhancement of long term care and assisted living safety. Door GUARDIAN™ offers total protection for your residents while allowing them to move freely about your facility. With several system options to choose from, we are able to customize a system to meet your facility’s needs. Door GUARDIAN™ provides families with the peace of mind they need to place their loved ones in your care.

Door GUARDIAN™ is the chosen compassionate care, safety solution of thousand of long term care and assisted living facilities worldwide. Following are just a few of the features that nurses, families and administrators love about Door GUARDIAN™.

Selective Monitoring

Door GUARDIAN™ enables you to protect your residents when and where they need it while promoting normal traffic flow of staff, visitors, and unmonitored residents.

Feature-Rich Reporting Capabilities

Door GUARDIAN™ offers a variety of reporting options from simple, remote annunciation to detailed software layouts of the monitored floor plan.

Customizable and Expandable

We offer a variety of components and features so that we can custom design a system with the features you want and need without having to pay for the ones you do not. The system is easily expandable to meet your needs today and allow you to grow and expand for your needs in the future.

Emergency Battery Backup

With battery backup, Door GUARDIAN™ would continue to provide protection for residents during a power outage.

Support When You Need It

Get support whenever it is needed from your local certified distributor or Secure Care’s customer support line, available 24/7/365.

The Door GUARDIAN™ product line offers various components to ensure that you receive a system customized to your facility’s needs.

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